GWAWR Diary_of a dreamer is a creative experiment in Word Weaving [under the form of a blog for now]. A quest for another story; a quest behind questions such as ‘Is there another way to do things ? Could it be more positive for all involved ? What would that look like ?’. It is the thoughts and ramblings of a self-proclaimed dreamer; but also an endlessly shifting creative project, who want to raise questions as much as it wants to provide concrete example of novel ideas and ways to go toward this ‘better’ way to do things – if it indeed exists [hence our ‘Asking questions, storytelling positive narratives’ tagline].

How was this project born ?

Since high school – and surely before – I have been obsessed with this question : ‘Is there another way to do things ?’
I was being sold a certain vision of the world – and of life – that I just didn’t resonate with – at all. On a personal level I didn’t really resonate with this whole ‘ go to school – go to uni – work at the same job for the rest of your life – get retired’ scenario. On a global level, I couldn’t shake the feeling that maybe we could do things a bit differently, that maybe we could  have a more positive scenario for the environment and the people. I was a dreamer. Still am.
‘Is there another way to do things ? Could it be more positive for all involved ? What would that look like ? ‘
These were big answers I was running after, and I was aware of that. This quest for another story* brought me on quite an interesting journey : from taking short art and photography courses for a few months to working in non-profits and studying a year of social services work at Uni’, from traveling a few weeks in Europe to immersing myself in meditation and learning about different spiritual and philosophical world-visions throughout the years, from creating gemstones jewelry to embarking on a 18 months Permaculture Designer Certificate journey and working in a social-business focusing on the environment…this was quite a journey! And hopefully it’s only getting started …
Throughout this journey I feel like I was constantly being shown bits and pieces of the answers I was looking for – but most importantly, I realized that maybe it’s not the answers that are important, but being aware that other storylines -than the one we are sold most of the time- exist. I do not claim that I found the answer to any of the questions I was asking, but I found interesting stories along the way, and these are what I want to share here – as sources of inspiration maybe, or just to get us thinking.

Who am I ?

I’m Victoria Fauve, resident word-weaver of this creative project.
Most of you know me as Victoria; here I will also be using my second name Fauve, as a wink to my younger self -I decided back then that if I ever was to write, I would be using my second name; so you know…keeping promises-.  I’m a self-proclaimed dreamer, with unbreakable faith that we can all live in harmony with one-another, and nature; that war, poverty, environmental disasters, oceans full of plastic, people being so disconnected from each other that they’ll feel alone in a crowd – and so many other narratives- were not the best narratives we could come up with as humans. That we could write a better story.  [Now, I do not talk about reaching ‘total perfection’ – does such a thing even exist ? – but about ‘doing better’- while being aware that ‘better’ is in itself a very complicate notion to define…] I highly believe in personal freedom though – and that real change comes from within, and then ripples outside. I believe that everyone’s path is unique – hence why I offer these stories to make one think and explore possibilities and not as ‘answers’.

What do I mean by ‘Story’ or ‘Narratives’ ?

I often refer to ‘stories’ – and variants of this word –… I came to believe that stories are an essential component of human beings. I believe that the stories we tell ourselves about our-self, about our life, and about the world we live in, shape our whole view on these and ultimately how we interact with them. That’s why, two people facing the same situation, won’t necessarily react the same way to it… The difference is not in the situation itself, but ultimately in how they perceive it; in what story they tell themselves about the situation, hence shaping what actions they’ll then take- bringing vastly different results.

GWAWR ? Why this name ?

Gwawr is a welsh name meaning ‘The Dawn’. The Dawn for me always represented this idea of ‘beginning’, of ‘light’ shining out of ‘darkness’ … A very good metaphor for Hope- something that is very dear to my heart you’ll soon realize. GWAWR, I decided, could also stand for Gaia’s Workshop : Agape, Wonder, Radiance. Or at least that’s what I decided it to be when I first came up this name when I was 18 – at first for products I was making;  gemstones jewelry and handmade items with a story behind them, made from recycled/up-cycled/ eco-friendly materials. It then also extended to my first blog, and I decided to use it here too- as an extension of what was before, even if under a new form.
Gaia is the name of Mother Earth in Greek mythology. In a way, I believe that we could consider earth as a big workshop, where one learn and create (& by ‘create’ I mean it in the wide sense of the term : we create our experiences, our-self, memories …). For me, three of the main ingredients that it could be interesting to have to make this experience a great one are : Agape (the word used by the Greeks for Universal Love ), Wonder ( to keep an open mind, and open heart; to go forward with stars in the eyes) and Radiance ( to let our own light shine, to dare being our self and by shining this light also help others).
I thought these words, along with the translation of the word itself, would describe well the spirit I wanted to present in my endeavours; hence the name GWAWR was born !

What are these differents categories ?

I’m happy you asked that ! This blog is divided into many different categories for an easier navigation.
* THOUGHTS&IMAGINATION : This is the place dedicated to ideas  – expressed through dedicated mental exploration of a theme/problematic; or  creative expression.
*DIARIES : This is the section of the blog dedicated to the record of specific events , connected as always to the main question we explore here. Also serves as a travel diary.
*EVERYDAY LIFE : This is where we ground these ideas we explored into the tangible reality of our daily life, and explore what it then looks like.
*MODERN MYTHOLOGY : This is the place where I’ll explore something that really fascinates me : people’s world-view. How people see the world, what they believe the world to be… It influences so much of our life; and yet we often do not even realize that we all have different world-view. Just as with ‘stories’, I do not here use ‘mythology’ to imply a lack of truth. ‘Myth’ is after all derived from the greek word ‘mythos’ that simply means ‘story’… I use it here to refer to people’s cosmology, or views about the universe/life.