[Archives] Conscious consumerism

February 2016

Since this morning I’ve been having an internal monologue going on about Conscious Consumerism, and as ‘Sharing is Caring’, here it is !

I’m a firm believer in ‘voting with your dollar’ ,or rupees here, or whatever-currency-you-currently-use. Meaning that each time we buy a good, we’re casting a vote about what goods we want to see more of produced; and hence what world we want to create- as each of these goods , and their productions methods, life-cycle [… ], have an impact on our world.

Though, I also know how hard it is, in our present economic climate, to be a really ethical [and by ethical I personally mean ‘having a positive , or at least non-negative, impact on the people and the environment’] consumer can be. Like, I’m pretty much the worst person to go shopping with [If you don’t want to listen to me thinking out loud about the ethical pros and cons of a product before buying it or not, do not go shopping with me…Really.] and I still do not think I’m really an ethical consumer, as I often do have to compromise on one or more criteria on my personal ‘ethical criterias list’ because the ‘perfect ethical product’ sometimes does not exist/ isn’t available here. Not yet at least ! Though, this is the thing, maybe it’s not about being perfect, maybe it’s just about being More Conscious.

‘To be conscious’ means to be ‘aware of one’s own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings’- ‘fully aware of or sensitive to something’- ‘aware of what one is doing’-‘aware of oneself’, but also to be ‘deliberate; intentional’. So maybe that’s the trick! Maybe it’s about Being Aware of what we value, what we want to create more of in this world, and then to Act Intentionally, Deliberately as so our actions match our values. As we’re all unique, with different lifestyles, values and needs, we’ll all make different choices as a conscious consumer ,but I personally think that as long as we’re acting consciously, thinking about the impact of our choices and actions, and not just as mindless robots, that’s already a huge step !

When I talk about Conscious Consumerism [or different issues that makes it to my personal ‘ethical criteria list’] with people, I’m often told that it just feels too overwhelming, and that it feels easier to just close one’s eyes and look away from the issues, ‘otherwise we stop living’ … I personally think that we all have our own paths, and go to our own rhythms; and just talking about these issues, reading about these topics… it’s already such a huge step ! Thank you ! GOOO YOUUU !

And while I hold very dear to my heart the belief that it’s kinda our duty to the Earth’s inhabitants and future inhabitants to minimize our negatives impacts [if not, to create positive impacts], I do also equate ‘Being conscious’ with ‘Making our own decisions; as in developing our own critical thinking skills and finding our own truth, in contrast to blindly following someone else’s truth… So, do your own researches, talk about these topics, read about these issues, and then find your own truth and allow your actions to match this truth, If that’s your wish !

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