[Archives] Earth Day 2016

April 2016

If we were all living on a spaceship, flying through space with a finite amount of resources, I’m pretty sure we’d all be really careful about how we’d use these resources and take great care of our spaceship, right ? [I can’t remember where I read that metaphore…but thank you to the one who came up with it !] Well, if you think about it… we kinda are. Our spaceship is called Earth; and sometimes we certainly are not the best stewards ever.

The Earth is one of the things we all share [ Actually maybe the only thing we all share, apart from the certainty we acquire from birth that we’ll die one day or another ]; and we kinda depend on it, you know ?

When we talk about environmental issues some people think it’s all just about preserving the land and all its inhabitants and that it has nothing to do with us humans specifically; and sure personally I’d love it if we could protect the beauty of the earth and it’s amazing biodiversity for the generations to come [and because I personally do believe that the earth is not FOR us humans, but that we share it with many others species and that it’s kinda weird that we consider it our ‘property’; as if we can own nature ? ] …but even if you do not care about this, I hope you at least still realize that it does concern you, because it’s also about not killing ourselves as a race. If you usually do not really care about environmental stuff, please at least consider this : the earth can survive without us, we can’t survive without it.

Soooo here’s your friendly reminder that this day is just as good as any other to make small positives changes, that if we all get on board with, can create greater impact ! Changes start with yourself !

And really sometime it’s more about changing our habits than anything else. It’s not harder, it’s just that it require a bit more of thinking than usual at first to create new earth-positive habits.

But it can be just as easy as reducing the amount of meat you eat [because the way we consume meat today is not sustainable for the planet ! Please look it up], trying to avoid plastic or other disposable items and use re-usable items and/or more eco-friendly options [because isn’t it scary that the plastic spoon we use today will still be on the surface of earth long after we died ? ], buying organic produce [because soils are sooo important and we need to take care of them, and anyway it’s better for your health], be more conscious about what you buy [Do we really need this stuff ? Or are we just buying it to escape from our existential angst ? –I’m kinda half joking about the existential angst, but really, do we need all this stuff ? – And if we do need it, let’s be sure to buy things that are in-line with our values, like supporting local businesses or clothes made with eco-friendly materials and eco-friendly inks that won’t polluted our water stock ? We vote about the world we want to create with each purchase we make !], or just plant some trees, switch your bank statement to the numeric version, buy second hand, compost […] Seriously, there’s So many little things we can do !

And yes, it will create ripples effect. We might only be one person, but if we all just make sure to change our own habits, that’s how we change the world guys.

If any problem is just an opportunity to create something better, something that didn’t exist before; we are faced today with the huge opportunity to be as creative as possible in order to create an amazing future. Come on guys, we got this !

Happy Earth Day everyone !

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