[Archives] You say you are lost…

May 2014

‘You say you are lost, but you perfectly know who you are .You dream of a life as bright as the sun and as deep as the ocean, a burning fire of passionate moments that would leave you breathless ! You prefer to be burned than to fall asleep to the wonders that surround you ! You are a dreamer and it’s too anchored in your blood to be taken away. You feel stuck because you try to lower your fire to fit inside a society that only tolerate what is moderate. Be true to yourself.You are whole, you can’t be ‘moderate’; you’re too chaotic for that. A storm of pure emotions that try to tame itself, how ironic is that ? You tried to adjust to their world, and it didn’t work, why wouldn’t you try to be yourself for once ?’

[All ‘Archives’ posts are posts I wrote long ago, posted all around the web, and that I decided to group here as keepsakes ]