GWAWR first started as a jewelry and handicraft idea – which then transformed into much more !

I was asked lately to create a few pieces of jewelry again.
They are for sale at Josiane Hairdresser [Tentation Boutique] at Arcades Currimjee in Curepipe.

Gemstones necklaces and keyrings are available, alongside a collection of necklaces made from sea glass.

In accordance with GWAWR’s values and love for our Earth, all items come in reusable fabric bags, and all cards and tags are made from recycled paper. Striving to not waste resources, we eliminated unnecessary materials from our designs [for example, replacing metal clasps at the end of necklaces by a knot systems that enables a customized lengths] and try to reuse a big part of the leftovers wires the creations of these necklaces can produce [ thanks to Rinco Art for helping with that by using these wires in some of her creations].
All gemstones pieces are accompanied by a card with a few of the gemstone’s meanings and lore.