May we stand proudly – Midnight Word Chaos #2

May [2018 be the year when] we stand proudly in the mess of who we are.
When everything seems to tell us to ‘have it all together’,
To know exactly where we’ll be in 5 weeks, 8 months, 11 years,
May we trust life ever-shifting, ever-moving nature,
And resist the pressure of perfection, of ‘having it together’,
That keeps words inside our throat, hands out of the keyboard, paintbrushes out of the canvas, sparkles out of our eyes.
May we be willing to be messy enough to be True to our heart and soul,
True to the ideas our heart whispers to us,
[Usually not found in tidy-already-laid-out paths,
And hence considered ‘scary-crazy-nonsense’].
May we be willing to be messy, and unsure, and lost enough,
To be creative and play with possibilities,
To try, [fail and hence] learn, question, wander, discover, create, play, live;
More than we’d ever imagine.

-Messy Midnight Thoughts & Late New Year’s Wishes.
Wishes, Intention, Affirmation, Prayer, Poetry, Reflection.
Reflection of this beginning of year, how our obsession with perfection might stop us from actually trying.
January 2018.